Mayor Bloomberg racked up the first major labor endorsement of the 2009 campaign with the union representing 12,000 of the city's supermarket workers getting behind his bid for a third term. Local 1500 had not supported Bloomberg in either of the previous two elections, a troublesome sign for Democrat Bill Thompson. At the announcement of the endorsement, Bloomberg revealed the last time he was at a grocery store was a month ago to pick up some chicken and Shake 'n Bake while his lady was out of town. Of course, there's still that pesky question of what line Bloomberg will be running on in November. The mayor was in a friendly meeting with Michael Steele yesterday, but the GOP Chair refused any endorsement. Steele also said when probed, "It always bothers me when someone leaves the party." Outside the same meeting, former Mayor Giuliani added, “The fact is Mike is an independent. That is what he really is. But the Republican Party has embraced independents before.”