Surprise! A billionaire thinks that Mitt Romney would run the country better than Barack Obama. According to the New York Times, Mayor Bloomberg was overheard at a fundraiser last week telling a guest who asked about his thoughts on the election that Romney would likely be better at running the country, but that he disagrees too much with Romney on social issues (abortion rights and gun control were "mentioned") for an endorsement, so he plans on remaining neutral. It's unclear if Bloomberg was asked to play F/M/K with President Obama, and Governors Cuomo and Christie.

We're still a little confused as to how someone could think that they'd run a country well if their social views cause them to, you know, screw everything up. The reporter found out about the exchange by talking to three people who overheard it: two anonymous sources and "a reporter for the New York Times." Woah, cuttin loose in front of a reporter? Pro tip for those covering the mayor at these things: throw some ice cubes in the Michelob and let the man work!