In last night's Presidential debate Governor Romney and President Obama were asked about gun control, specifically keeping assault weapons out of the hands of criminals. And in case you were curious, Mayor Bloomberg—who really, really hates guns—was not amused by either candidates answers. At all. "We don't need more talk," he said of Obama's call for more discussion with the American people on the subject of gun control. "We need some leadership."

"I think number one it is unfortunate that it required an outraged member of the public and not the national press core" to "force the candidates to answer the question" said Bloomberg—who has been spending a lot to try and make guns a part of this election—before tearing into the candidates. According to Hizzoner what we got last night was a "a perfect example of obfuscation and very little honesty."

First Bloomberg lashed into Obama for wanting more conversation about gun control rather than leading the country towards better regulation. And then he turned to the GOP. "Governor Romney said he brought both sides of the issue together on the issue, why doesn't he do that now?" Bloomberg asked. "Polls show that more than 80 percent of Americans and more than 80 percent of gun owners support some common sense reforms that are bipartisan."

"And then they had all this gibberish talking about education. That education is the solution to stop the killing. My recollection is that the Aurora theater shooter? He was a PhD candidate. Ok? The Virgina Tech massacre was committed by a student at a first class university! Gun are a plague and I don't think education is going to keep guns out of the hands of gang members. The solution is to prevent all people who shouldn't have guns from getting them."

"Let's get serious," he went on later in his lengthy answer, "these are people who have guns, and the only reason to carry a gun is to use it. To kill people. People who buy assault weapons... Governor Romney signed an assault weapon ban, today he has changed his mind. The President campaigned four years ago that he was going introduce a bill to ban assault weapons, the bill never saw the light of day. Romney said 'oh, well, automatic weapons are already banned.' And yes it is true, machine guns are banned. But a semi-automatic weapon, which is what an AK-47 is, that is not banned. And you can pull a trigger awful fast."

"One candidate has had four years to do something and hasn't. And the other candidate says he won't even do what he once did!" Ouch! So we guess Bloomberg is really serious when he says he hasn't made a decision about endorsing anyone (but if he does, he swears he will let us all know at the same time).

Oh, and in case you were curious? Bloomberg didn't watch either the debates or the Yankees game live last night—he was at a dinner.