Mayor Bloomberg's response to groups upset they've been forced to stop holding religious services out of schools? Deal with it. After being backed up by federal courts, New York finally kicked religious groups out on Sunday and Mayor Bloomberg was not apologetic about it. But unlike when he was talking about pedophiles in schools, Bloomberg seems on the right side of this argument.

When asked by reporters yesterday if he'd be up for a compromise on the issue he didn't mince words: "You know, the Constitution seems to me to be pretty clear."

And then he went on:

“I’ve always thought that one of the great things about America is that we keep a separation” between church and state, he said, “and the more clear that separation is, the more those people who want to be able to practice their religion will have the opportunity to do so.”

“For those that want to get rid of those separations,” he added, “let me just point out: Someday the religion that’s practiced there may not be your religion, and you might in that sense look back and say let’s keep the two separate. It’s one of the basics of this country, and I will certainly support it.”

Meanwhile, the debate over religious services is far from over. The State Senate has passed a bill that would reallow worshiping in the schools, though it is unclear if it will get through the Assembly—Sheldon Silver has "expressed concerns."