nyctourism_2.jpgMayor Bloomberg came out strongly against a proposed 8% hotel tax, saying that tourism was NYC's proverbial golden goose and that taxing it to death would be the wrong move. The additional tourist tax was proposed in the City Council by members who are trying to figure out how to avoid slashing $450 million from the Dept. of Education's budget next year.

Bloomberg pointed out that with rising fuel costs and a slowing economy, tourism is down 17% nationwide, while tourism to NYC is up 9% year over year. The city's been benefiting by the relative weakness of the US Dollar, which has been attracting foreign tourists from places like Europe, who view New York as a bargain destination.

Back in 2006, Bloomberg set the goal of having 50 million tourists come to NYC by the year 2015. But with 46 million visitors last year, he believes the city can reach the 50 million number by 2012. Still, some bargain hunters are finding ways to avoid the expenses of NYC booking rooms in NJ hotels!

Photo, by neps at flickr, with golden egg adjustment