The NYPD may have time to ticket folks drinking a non-life-threatening lager on their stoop, but they are way too busy to ticket jaywalkers. At least, that's what Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday, suggesting New Yorkers practice common sense when crossing the street illegally.

The mayor declared, "The practical reality is I think the Police Department has plenty to do. You're going to have to generally depend on people's common sense to be self-enforcing, because the police can't possibly give out tickets to everybody that jaywalks." He added that photos like that of the woman having her legs crushed by a double decker bus should help to scaremonger some sense into people.

The Post attacked the issue again today, asking why New Yorkers "willingly put their lives — and the lives of others — at risk by jaywalking." They demand the "foolish practice" be stopped! The statistics show that 50 pedestrians lost their life last year by jaywalking, and this year the tally is up to 20. New York, the Post urges you to respect traffic laws! Will you listen? In our poll yesterday, 491 out of 536 of you were pro-Jaywalking, saying the NYPD shouldn't ticket for the practice... so we're guessing a tiny little Post editorial isn't going to stop you from crossing when you see the little red hand.