Mayor Bloomberg, soon to be Everyday Billionaire Bloomberg, has lofty goals for his new life come January. He's going to take a vacation! (His trips to Bermuda do not count, as Bloomberg owns a home there. Going from one home to another is the wealthy person equivalent of walking from the living room to the kitchen.) He's going to start using the bathroom whenever he feels like it! And most preposterously, he is going to perfect his already excellent Spanish. Here's a snippet of conversation between El Bloombito and Forbes.

Bloomberg: Oh, yeah, I’m also going to work on my Spanish. I am adamant that I want to speak Spanish like a native.

Forbes: So you’ll be getting Rosetta Stone software?

Bloomberg: I’m sort of beyond that.

"No big deal," he probably added, buffing his nails on the lapel of his sport coat. For the record, Rosetta Stone claims that upon completion of its fifth and final disk, students should be able to "fully express your ideas and opinions in Spanish and master the conversational skills required to plan adventures, care for your health, and move abroad." We reported in 2008 that Bloomberg, who has taken Spanish lessons since his first term began 172 years ago, hoped to be fluent "by next year." And yet...

Will this ever get old?