A Quinnipiac University poll released today found that NYC voters disapprove of the way Mayor Bloomberg has handled the Occupy Wall Street protests, by a margin of 51 - 42 percent. About 50 percent of voters approve of the way the NYPD has handled the protests, with 45 percent disapproving (and 5 percent unsure). But when asked about overall NYPD performance—particularly Commissioner Ray Kelly—voters expressed satisfaction! 66 percent of those polled said they approved of Kelly's work (with the highest response coming from independent voters, at 71 percent). Ray Kelly 2013? Some more interesting findings:

  • 62 percent approve of the way the New York City police are doing their job. (Though only 47 percent of black voters approve of Kelly.)
  • Voters like Bloomberg as a person (64 - 24 percent) but 50 percent believe the mayor has lost his focus in his third term.
  • More Republicans say they've been following the Occupy Wall Street protests "very closely" than Democrats, with a breakdown of 43 percent (Republican) and 31 percent (Democrats).
  • 68 percent of all NYC voters say they agree with Occupy Wall Street protesters, and 84 precent of black voters say they approve, more than any other racial group.
  • Only 31 percent say they really understand the views of the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The survey also showed overwhelming support for a living wage bill being considered by the City Council. 74 percent of all voters say they approve of the bill, which would require large businesses that benefit from taxpayer subsidies to pay employees at least $10 an hour with benefits, or $11.50 an hour without benefits. And it seems Bloomberg's attempt to persuade voters that a living wage bill would drive jobs out of NYC isn't gaining much traction. 56 percent of voters surveyed said they did not believe paying a living wage would cost NYC jobs.