Mayor Bloomberg and Jennifer Lopez; Photo - AP

Although Mayor Bloomberg and his administration might claim the formation of the New York City Latin Media & Entertainment Commission is to attract Latin media & entertainment opportunities to NY, Gothamist knows better:
- Mayor Bloomberg has "wanted to have J.Lo" for a while
- Huge Hispanic voting bloc needed in order to win re-election

2003_10_afflcon.jpgAnd Mayor Bloomberg got his moment with Jennifer Lopez as he named her honorary chairwoman of the commission. Bless his billionaire heart, Bloomby looks so happy. But Bennifer fans, don't worry, Ben Affleck was at the press conference, though looking constipated/perturbed/haunted. But he did laugh during the press conference. But it wasn't during a Gigli joke; additionally, the press relase doesn't mention the Lopez-Affleck collaboration, Gigli, which leads us to think that Mayor B's team has some smarts. La Lopez, for her part, is excited: "Growing up a Latin girl, a Puerto Rican girl in the Bronx," Lopez said, "I never thought I'd be here next to such greats as (salsa star) Willie Colon [Mayor’s Advisor and Liaison to the Commission] and with the mayor of New York City here at City Hall. It's a real honor for me. I'm just really, really excited to contribute in any way I can. This is my city. I love it. Everything about it is so close to my heart. So I'm just excited to be a part of it. Whatever I can do, call me."

Also, Robert DeNiro is Honorary Chairman of the Commission. Now, we didn't realize DeNiro was Hispanic, but we're sure he could play Hispanic.