Yesterday, Bloomberg LP announced that it would be adding editorials to the vast Bloomberg media empire. Run by NY Times op-ed page editor David Shipley and former assistant U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary Jamie Rubin (aka husband of Christiane Amanpour), Bloomberg LP Editor in Chief Matthew Winkler said the pair will develop the "Bloomberg View consistent with the values and beliefs of our global company and its internationally-minded founder, Michael R. Bloomberg."

In an interview with the NY Times, Winkler expanded, “I think it’s very important that everyone understands that our editorial page is going to be, for sure, consistent with the values and beliefs of the founder — even if he happens to be mayor of New York City. I fully expect us in our Bloomberg View always to reflect those values. In fact, I want people to come away from reading the Bloomberg View infused with those beliefs and values.”

What are those values? Well, according to the Bloomberg Way handbook, which is given to employees and was updated this year, “As moral force makes journalism a calling for those who embrace it, the Bloomberg Way necessitates a respect for life, peace and harmony, education, family stability, social responsibility, transparency, free trade and free markets.”

The Times adds, "Bloomberg L.P. executives said they would not shy away from publishing editorials on issues in which Mr. Bloomberg has a direct interest as mayor, like education, public health and environmental policy. Mr. Winkler said the editorials would not avoid such issues but would disclose the mayor’s involvement when warranted. Though Mr. Bloomberg will not have a hand in conceiving and writing the editorials, he is likely to offer feedback from time to time before they are published, Mr. Winkler said." We can't wait for the Bloomberg View on free market calorie counting.

Mayor Bloomberg is not involved with the day-to-day operations of his company, but he is the biggest shareholder and the company's value makes him the second richest man in NYC. He also insists he's not running for president in 2012.