Is Mayor Bloomberg's crusade to turn New Yorkers into healthy eaters really just a product of his own struggles with self-control, roller coaster dieting and poor body image? It turns out that the man who has banned trans fats, made us face calorie count signs on a daily basis and now has his squinty eyes aimed at sodium levels in restaurants and sugary soda drinks is the type of guy that "an unflattering photo of himself can trigger weeks of intense dieting and crankiness."

The Times has "an examination of what enters the mayoral mouth" to see just how much hypocrisy lies in what Hizzoner does versus what he says we should do. His recent attack on sodium comes despite the fact that the confirmed Cheez-It loving mayor salts his bagels "like a pretzel" and likes his popcorn so salty that it burns others’ lips. He also steals other people's calamari!

While it appears some restaurant owners were told not to talk about the mayor's habits, Danny Meyer defends Bloomberg as simply "not a fancy eater." And the mayor's Press Secretary Stu Loeser says that his boss “has days when he eats more than he should,” but adds, “unlike most of us, he has the discipline to even it out the next day.”