While President Obama is catching hell from his own party for his compromise with the GOP to extend the Bush tax cuts, there's one person who is happy: Independent billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The Mayor discussed the deal yesterday, and managed to tout his leadership (natch) and slam Albany (double natch). "I was very pleased to see the president and the Congress come together. It is exactly - number one, it’s exactly that kind of coming together that we need in Washington, and we need it in Albany as well incidentally. We have it, I think, pretty much in New York City."

He continued, "I think it was a good compromise. What democracy is about is coming together where not everybody gets everything they want. In fact, maybe nobody gets everything they want, but you minimize the damage to the outliers, and most people get enough that they can walk away satisfied, if not ecstatic. I think extending the tax cuts - what are called the Bush-era tax cuts - and reforming the alternative minimum tax, those things were good because you don’t want to discourage anybody from starting a business. Our economy’s revival is very fragile." (Keep in mind, the tax cuts are adding $900 billion to the already fragile federal deficit.)

Bloomberg mentioned that he would be discussing job creation during a speech scheduled at the Brooklyn Navy Yard today, but the Daily News says there's another motive: "The speech gives Bloomberg another national platform as he lays the groundwork for a potential presidential run in 2012."