2008_12_bl25.jpgMayor Bloomberg is turning his attention to constituents in areas that have a history of being sweet on him in hopes of reigniting the flame as he heads into his newly found reelection year. The Post thinks that catering to areas that strongly supported him in the last election might be the motivation behind some recent moves to provide transit-related relief around town. The paper points out that Staten Island, a Bloomberg stronghold, would be one of the areas benefited most by his successful push to lower the fare hike for express bus riders. Another neighborhood that heavily relies on those buses is Riverdale, one of the few Bronx neighborhoods he won while running against Fernando Ferrer in 2005. The city has just placated many of its residents by cutting in half the number of alternate side parking days they have to deal with due to street cleaning. Supposedly up next to receive similar reductions of both regulation and its accompanying frustration for local drivers are other Bloomberg-friendly neighborhoods such as Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene and Boerum Hill. Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause, New York told the Post, "He needs to be sure people aren't angry at city government in this current economic climate with an election upcoming. He doesn't want to tick people off."