With President Obama visiting Wall Street and Cooper Union this Thursday in order to push for a new financial overhaul package, you'd imagine that someone would have let Mayor Bloomberg know. "I just saw on the blogs this morning he was coming so I haven't talked to anyone in the White House," Bloomberg told reporters this morning. Wait...the Mayor reads blogs plural—as in other blogs besides Gothamist?

Back in 2008, then Senator Obama visited NYC and also talked at Cooper Union; during that visit, the Mayor went out of his way to welcome him, even issuing a "highly unusual" press statement letting the media know he'd be introducing Obama. Oh how things have changed in two years: the Mayor not only didn't know Obama was coming—he has an Earth Day event scheduled at the same time as Obama's speech.

As Maggie Haberman of the Post points out, the whole thing "suggests" a cooling of relations between the two camps, perhaps of a "topical" nature, since the Mayor hasn't been in favor of the Wall Street crackdown: "There's no [government] regulation that will ever match self-regulation if it's done correctly...Just because the government can never keep up with everything. These are complex worlds we live in. That's not true only of finance. That's true of everything the government regulates."