2005_10_housing.jpgMayor Bloomberg announced an ambitious plan to build or renovate over 100,000 homes for low- and middle-income residents. The fact that this is very similar to his political rival Fernando Ferrer's proposed affordable housing plan was not lost on Ferrer. The Mayor's plan is a change from his original 68,000-unit, $3.5 billion plan (the new plan would cost $7.5 billion) and highlights the fact that affordable housing might be the biggest issue in this year's election. Some of the areas cited for new homes as well as inclusionary zoning (developers can build their big apartment buildings if lower-income homes are included) are Hunts Point in Queens (where the Olympic Village would have been), Greenpoint and Williamsburg, western Chelsea, and the Hudson railyards, according to the NY Times. Hilarious: It's only taken the mayor years to figure this one out.

And more hilarious: Giuliani is not part of the Bloomberg campaign's spellcheck: Invitations to a breakfast with Bloomberg and former Mayors Koch and Giuliani showed Giuliani spelled "G-I-U-I-L-I-A-N-I." Heh! Of course, Ferrer's campaign jumped on this. But it could have been much worse: It could have been Gooliani.