After coming out in defense of the First Amendment yesterday, in regards to a Florida pastor's plan to burn the Koran on September 11, Mayor Bloomberg is none too happy with reporters misinterpreting his statements today. He told Good Morning America he thought the book burning would be "boneheaded and wrong," and chided a Daily News reporter for suggesting he was supporting the burning:

No, no. You should go back to school. The U.S. Constitution says you have a right to do that. Period. End of story. The government can't stop you from burning a book. I said I thought it was distasteful, disrespectful, an outrage. I thought it jeopardizes this country and our troops but the Constitution protects it and you either believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or you don't. Its very simple.

Pastor Terry Jones, meanwhile, is sticking to his guns that burning the Koran is right and just, and he's even using doggone logic to defend it: "Jesus would not run around burning books, but I think he would burn this one," he told ABC's "Nightline." Is that a catch-22, or has the Pastor got us by the deductive reasoning balls? Two people who do agree with the Mayor: Jones's daughter, who calls her father's Dove World Outreach group a "cult," and Angelina Jolie, who bravely condemned the burning: "I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody's religious book." Powerful hardly the words, indeed.