Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly; Photo -

Mayor Bloomberg thinks he's doing a better job handling police incidents than Rudy Giuliani did, like the heart attack death of Harlem resident Alberta Spruill, mostly likely caused by the police mistakenly storming her apartment, by reaching out to the community and firmly deciding to look into the matter.

On this count Gothamist does feel that our current mayor is effective; though bumbling in logical matters and a poor public speaker, he seems pretty compassionate on emotional issues. Unlike Giuliani, whose unwavering defense of the police in all instances didn't seem that mindful of the city's residents, such as in the Amadou Diallo shooting. Additionally, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly turned an eye on his department and also faulted the police procedure on events that led to Spruill's death. And activists are trying to find out more about the "no-knock" police search warrants.