Back in 2010, New York City was socked by a huge blizzard that sent everyone and everything into a snowy frenzy. While the city was scrambling to get back on its feet, where was Mayor Bloomberg? At his home in Bermuda. And during last night's bitter blast, you'll never guess where our billionaire mayor was holed up.

While the Mayor's Office has only noted that he does not have any events on his schedule, the Wall Street Journal's source says that they've seen the billionaire's jet in Bermuda. Also: "A person who saw the mayor in Bermuda Tuesday said he was at the majestic Mid Ocean Club, a favorite golfing spot in Bermuda, where he owns a vacation home... Bloomberg has had no public events on his schedule since attending midnight mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan on Tuesday."

The City Council considered a bill that would require Bloomberg to "sign out" when he leaves town but Bloomberg's position has been that he puts Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris in charge when he's away. Anyway, this is probably why Bloomberg doesn't really want to be President:

When The Wall Street Journal pointed out last year that the president lets the nation know where he is at all times, including vacations, the mayor responded by saying he believes there is a difference between running the city and the country. (President Barack Obama spent the Christmas holiday in Hawaii with his family, although he was scheduled to fly back to Washington early for fiscal cliff negotiations.)

“The problem is the mayor would have no private life, couldn’t be with his kids when you have the press following you around all the time. President’s job is different,” Bloomberg said, adding that he believes the president is entitled to private time, too.