Mayor Bloomberg is sticking to his story that he won't run for President in 2012. During a "presidential lecture" at his girlfriend Diana Taylor's alma mater, Dartmouth College (the "presidential" refers to Dartmouth president Jim Yong Kim), he explained—jokingly—that his positions "[cut] off half the country... I'm pro-choice. I'm pro-gay rights. I'm pro-immigration. I'm against guns. I believe in Darwin. It's down to Diana, my mother and me left, and I'm not sure about my mother."

Then he emphasized, "No, I'm not running. Make that clear," and said, "I’m gainfully employed. I’ve made a commitment [to serving as mayor] for the next 1,263 days... Arguably being the mayor of New York is the best political job in the world. We have our own foreign policy, I’ve got the eighth biggest army in the NYPD, we’ve got a budget that’s bigger than most countries’ GNP."

However, Bloomberg also discussed the White House during a Q&A: The Dartmouth reports that he spoke of expanding the power of the executive branch, "The President [of the United States] can impose, the President can cajole, the President can influence. But it’s Congress that writes the legislation. The public’s safeguard is every four years at the ballot box."