Mayor Bloomberg is not a Holy Land skinny-dipper. Asked about the Sea of Galilee naked times that Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder, Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm and other GOPers recently partook in, Hizzoner had some personal anecdotes to share on the matter.

"I have swum—but with a bathing suit," Bloomberg told reporters. "It was in the Dead Sea, and you do float noticeably higher in the water, because it’s so salty." Of course Bloomberg had a perfectly good reason for not stripping down to his birthday suit: the billionaire from Boston was a guest of the King of Jordan at a resort during his visit. And unless the royals are taking it all off, y'know?

Still, it wasn't exactly a heavenly experience for Bloomberg even with his clothes: "The mistake I made is I dove in with my eyes open. That stung for a minute, I can tell you that!" he said. So there you have it. If you are going to go swimming in the Sea of Galilee, Mayor Bloomberg recommends wearing clothes and closing your eyes (especially if there are any free-spirited Republicans in the vicinity).