pedicab.jpgWith a flourish of his mighty veto pen and perhaps a nod to his entrepreneurial beginnings, Mayor Bloomberg sent a proposed law that would have limited the number of pedicabs in New York back to the City Council.

The move is certain to provoke a showdown with the City Council, which passed the bill last month. Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, who has had a largely cordial relationship with the Bloomberg administration, promised to push the Council to override the mayor’s action.

To those who have protested in New York––and who of us hasn't, really?––but despaired that their voices were going unheard, take heart. The NY Times notes that Bloomberg, who introduced the bill himself to the City Council, was swayed into not signing it by the last-second protests of pedicab drivers. Democracy in motion!

(Photo from kerfuffle & zeitgeist's flickr photostream)