It looks like the iPad obsessed mayor is using the device more for the sweet apps than oversharing on Facebook and Twitter. On his radio show this week, Bloomberg asked of those who spend all the time on the social networking sites, "Where do they get the time to do it? Shouldn't, aren't - there have got to be other things in life to do...Why does anybody care? Why would you look at it?" Because people on the Internet have to know what our cats are doing at all times!

He does seem to keep up with friends on the sites, but doesn't understand why they choose to update the information they do. He recalled one friend's recent Twitter updates telling his audience "'I'm going to the bank right now,' you know, 'I think I'll have coffee.'" He says his Facebook and Twitter pages are kept up by his staff (which means you have them to thank for these fun NY tidbits.)

He also warned young people against posting drunken photos of themselves online, saying potential employers could use the photos against them. "Why shouldn't you try to find out about your employee before you hire him?" Bloomberg asked. "And a kid put a picture of him or herself naked, or you know, just with his tongue sticking out?" Mark it, because today is the day Mayor Bloomberg became the voice of reason.