2007_01_bloombergbatphone.jpgWho doesn't live for tidbits like learning that Mayor Bloomberg has a special phone - with a "special device that encodes on either end" - located in his kitchen? The Daily News shouts, Bloomy bat cave wired for terror, and the Batman reference works, because Bloomberg is a billionaire, lives in Gotham, and, for all we know, he's got some crazy underground lair where he has latex suits that he enjoys wearing.

The mayor mentioned the phone while discussing terrors funds for NY Times. From the NY Times:

...[H]e suddenly said, “I will say that when I became mayor, I was given a very important secure phone that is in the kitchen of my house, so that if I wanted to talk to the Air National Guard and shoot down a plane, I just press a button.”

Many observers — and even some senators — in the crowded third-floor hearing room in the Dirksen Senate Office Building seemed startled. A low murmur spread through the room.

It turned out that the mayor was joking about having a direct line to the military, but he does have a phone, though it's not red. He has not used the phone, except for dealing with solicitations.

You can stop solicitation phone calls by registering your home and cell phone numbers with the national Do Not Call registry. And if you still get cold calls, tell them to take you off their list.