Ooh - the Observer looks at how New York City will convince the Democratic National Committee to hold the 2008 Convention here. We pieced together their itinerary from the article, and clearly, the mayor misses having the International Olympic Committee to woo. :

- Check into Ritz Carlton (Central Park South, we assume) tongiht
- Hansom cab ride through Central Park
- Dinner at Mayor Bloomberg's townhouse
- Breakfast at Gracie Mansion
- Tour of Madison Square Garden and 1 Penn Plaza (office space for convention)
- Subcommittees - ("security preparations from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly or to visit the city’s fanciest hotels, along with some of its humblest")
- Dinner of Top of the Rock
- Breakfast at the Bridge Cafe in Brooklyn
- Tour of city's waterways

The Observer notes that DNC is debating whether or not to have a heartland convention or just go to NYC, where most everyone wants to go anyway. New Orleans is the "sentimental choice" for the convention, but it's unclear whether they'll be bidding; the other cities who have bid for the convention are Minneapolis and Denver, cities that haven't seen a Democratic convention in about 100 years. NYC hosted the 1992 convention, aka the start of Biill Clinton's era, so there might be some symmetry if Hillary does decide to run.

The 2004 Republican National Convention cost $150 million to put on, and the city saw about $4 million in surplus. This surplus does not account for the various lawsuits filed against the police during the convention.