Today, Mayor Bloomberg will give his "State of the City" address at 1PM. You can listen to with via NY1's Live Audio Stream. This speech is a big deal, as it will mark his vision for New York City for the rest of his term, making this, as the NY Times does, "an Election-Year Speech." The speech is supposed to focus on gains in education, reduction in quality of life crime, and positive economic development; Mayor Bloomberg will also introduce a new vocational education program, to encourage more minorities to gain footholds in the construction business. One aide told Newsday, "The mayor will stress his independent leadership and show how he has made not just the tough decisions but the right decisions."

Hmm. Some other things Gothamist will expect: Mention of the West Side Stadium and/or NYC's Olympic bid as part of the future of NYC's economic livelihood; how his overhaul of the school system is successful; some jabs at the City Council and/or other possible political opponents. And at a press conference at the Bronx Zoo yesterday, to announce the record tourism levels, the Mayor annoyed Bronx residents with his remarks, implying that animals in the Bronx might vote, which in turn almost seemed to mean that Bronx residents were animals ("The crowd, made up of community leaders, zoo employees and elected officials, let out a collective "ooh" and a handful of people giggled nervously"). Good move, Bloomby...it's not like you weren't gunning for those votes.