Mayor Bloomberg donned his grey zip-up of doom and trekked to Seward Park High School, one of the city's 76 evacuation shelters, to give New Yorkers an update on FRANKENSTORM preparations. He mostly stressed that anyone living in Zone A had to leave soon: "If you live in Zone A and have not yet evacuated, you must do so now. Time is running out...I cant stress enough that this is for your own safety." Watch the whole press conference below.

He repeated that subways, LIRR and Metro-North would stop running as of 7 p.m., and buses would stop at 9 p.m. Elevators, heat and hot water will be shut off in NYCHA public housing as of 7 p.m. (where approximately 25K people live): "Buses have been sent to all 26 public housing developments in Zone A for evacuations," he said, noting that buses would only be running for another four hours.

He said there were "no plans to close bridges and tunnels at the moment. The only tunnel relatively low is the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, and we'll keep an eye on it." The Coast Guard has closed New York Harbor beginning tonight, and all cruise ships scheduled for Monday and Tuesday have been diverted; all public libraries are also closed.

In terms of any pre-emptive Con Ed shutdowns, Bloomberg said he "hadn't heard anything about [it]," but added that if they were to shut anything down initially, steam would be first. When asked about Riker's Island during the storm, Bloomberg seemed to miss the point of the question, responding, "Jails are secure...don't worry about anyone getting out."

Bloomberg also lost his cool at one point when someone asked whether, in hindsight, he thought they should have declared the mandatory evacuation on Saturday. "Absolutely not, why would we do that when we dont know if it's an emergency yet...if you've got a better solution, I'd be happy to hear it." And then there was one comment that might come back to bite him in the butt: "We don't actually expect that much rain."

Reporting by Christopher Robbins