We're still reading the NY Times story about Mayor Bloomberg's businessman's approach to running the city, but it seems pretty positive. Sure, he's had politically polarising problems with the West Side Stadium and the NYC 2012 bid, but the article makes him out to be a pretty reasonable guy, if you call things like "appointing his commissioners based on expertise and giving them nearly free rein to determine policy regardless of political consequences" reasonable. While it's great that Mayor Bloomberg has made progress (with even more Democrats supporting him), we really long for something stupid to come out of him, so we'll wait for his new press op. In the mean time, we're amused someone thought they'd get dates by saying they are the "Mayor of New York City" in a NY Times personal ad.

On the other side of the ticket, the Post reports that a Fernando Ferrer event turned into a Hillary Clinton one when she appeared to throw some of her support. And the Times notes that Ferrer has streamlined his resume considerably. You know, even the biggest Bloomberg fan can't help but feel bad for Fernando Ferrer.