Guess what makes Mayor Bloomberg super-annoyed these days? Any mention of Representative Anthony Weiner!

Weiner, who hopes to win the Democratic mayoral nomination this fall, held a series of affordable ($20.09) fund-raisers over the weekend—according to the Daily Politics, "breakfast in the Bronx, a "light snack" in Queens, coffee and cake in Brooklyn, cocktails in Manhattan and beer and pretzels on Staten Island"—and said the mayor's NYC "seems to be controlled by the elite and the powerful" among many other criticisms this morning. So, naturally, during the Mayor's press conference this afternoon, reporters wanted to know what he thought.

Only thing is, Bloomberg didn't want to respond to Politicker NY's Azi Paybarah. The Mayor instead said, "I didn’t hear him and I’m not going to respond," and when Paybarah tried to read the question, Bloomberg went on, "If you want to waste your question, you’ve just done it....The answer is, I’ve got to worry about the next 350-odd days and I’m not going to respond.” Paybarah also took video (another reporter tried to ask also!):

CityRoom also has a transcript—apparently Bloomberg wants all Weiner-related questions to be directed to press person Stu Loeser.