So Mayor Bloomberg is finally going to do something about all that crap in Zuccatti Park but that isn't enough for one intrepid reporter. See, CBS's Marica Kramer is really worried about all that manure those carriage horses keep pooping out around Central Park. So worried, in fact, she confronted Hizzoner about it yesterday and the results, in which Bloomberg is even more abrasive than usual, are as magical as you'd hope.

First, Kramer asks him about the "piles and piles of horse manure" people are supposedly complaining to her about. "Walking though it, driving through it, bicycling through it, pedicabbing through it; it’s disgusting. They’re furious." At which point the billionaire from Boston decided to talk about the ethics of journalism, telling her "'Disgusting' is an adjective. I’m not sure as a reporter you should be using adjectives."

So Kramer tried a different tactic, asking Bloomberg if the ticket-happy NYPD should also be ticketing hansom drivers who let their horse's poop spill out of their poop buckets. To which Bloomberg bitingly responded, "I think we should. I think we should stop going after bad guys, stop worrying about crime and worry about horse manure. I will certainly look into it. I’ll ask the police commissioner whether without any overtime our police department has the time to give out tickets."

And it doesn't stop there! When Kramer told the mayor that one driver estimated that his horse lets "about 80 pounds" of manure loose on a regular basis Bloomberg awesomely responded: "Well, if the drivers admit that, number one, they’re stupid. Eighty pounds? And who goes out and measures the weight? I mean I want to make sure we have our facts right."

Sigh. The thing is, Kramer (who has her own special brand of news) isn't really wrong about all the horse shit around the park being disgusting, even if there once was a time when New York was covered in the stuff (which was, in the end, Bloomberg's point). And Bloomberg isn't really wrong about it not being the most important issue his administration is facing. We are well past the height of the NYPD's "broken windows" phase. But wow, our mayor can really be a jerk sometimes, eh?