Some reporter was disgraceful enough to ask Mayor Bloomberg about his choice to take a helicopter to the U2 concert at Giants Stadium Thursday, when he could have, say, taken NJ Transit (ha) and left a smaller carbon footprint.

Hizzoner sarcastically snipped, "You know there are other ways to get around, different ways, some are more energy efficient. I could have walked and swum across the river as well, that would have used less." Keep pushing him, press pool; he's just a few impertinent questions away from throwing a chair at you.

The official line from City Hall? CityRoom reports, "Stu Loeser, Mr. Bloomberg’s chief spokesman, explained that the mayor was trying not to waste time. He had just wrapped up an event with Leonel Fernandez, the president of the Dominican Republic, in Washington Heights, and determined that, given the hour (8:25 p.m.) and the traffic, it would have been difficult for him to make it to the Meadowlands in a timely fashion. Hence the air route."