The people of New York pulled a fast one on Mayor Bloomberg last night, defying Dear Leader and electing his supposedly "racist," "class warfare"-waging arch-enemy to replace him. So it should come as no surprise that Bill de Blasio got a very grumpy-looking Bloomberg this morning when the two sat down for some special post-election bonding time at City Hall.

De Blasio reportedly told the press that the mayor had given him some "good advice," and that being at City Hall as the mayoral-elect was a "special feeling," though from the looks of things, Bloomberg was brewing his own "special" brand of good old fashioned rancor. Or maybe he's just bummed de Blasio wore a blue tie too, who knows!

On the other hand, the mayor's office ran with a slightly more civil photograph of the present and future NYC leaders for their official Twitter feed, with Bloomberg reaching his hand out to de Blasio.

Before presumably pulling that hand back with a triumphant "PSYCHE!", that is.