Reading this Times piece on Bloomberg pondering his legacy in the midst of slagging poll numbers and malaise towards his tenure, we almost feel pangs of pity for the mayor. A Columbia professor and former adviser describes him as a martyr who's "willing to sacrifice short-term standing in the polls for what he believes to be in the best interest of the city." And Bloomberg himself told an interviewer, "Every time you make a decision, you lost half the people. After five decision, there's only you and your mother, and I'm not sure about her." Damn those laws that force mayors to run for third terms!

Bloomberg's approval rating, "once as high as 75 percent," is sitting at a lukewarm 39 percent after Snowgate and the Cathie Black fiasco. But the important thing is that he can still look himself in the mirror: "What I see in the mirror is somebody, I hope, that has the courage to do what's right." It does take plenty of courage to hire a former magazine tycoon to run a troubled school system, and probably the same amount of courage to skip to the tropics and avoid shitty weather. Wait, maybe he was referring to one of these mirrors?

Besides literally counting the days until the end of his tenure ("973 days"), the mayor may want to be careful in using the old "history will look back and say to get where we are today really was quite amazing" argument. We've heard it before.