Mayor Bloomberg loves to party... hop! Background: Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, became a Republican in 2001 to win the 2001—and 2005— mayoral elections, but in June 2007, he became an independent, perhaps setting up a third-party run for president. Well, we now we know that since Bloomberg didn't run for president, he had to get a short at a third mayoral term, so trying to get onto the Republican Party line is just the next logical step! The Post reports that "Bloomberg's political aides have started reaching out to GOP chairs in the five boroughs." Gristedes billionaire John Catsimatidis, who sees himself as the next billionaire mayor of NYC, says, "I've heard from Republican leaders he's been making phone calls." A GOP source tells the Post, "A lot of them [GOP leaders] told me they will not carry petitions for Mayor Bloomberg. They feel he bought us and sold us," but then again, "Let's be real. He's got $20 billion." Getting on the Republican Party could be important, since third-party candidates are listed lower on ballots.