If the hope of a clean and healthy planet wasn't enough to get New Yorkers to think twice about what they toss, perhaps a new fee on trash will get that universal will to repurpose inspired. Mayor Bloomberg said he is considering charging people for how much they throw away as a way to plug the budget gap. Naturally, there has been some Karl Marx-inspired backlash. One Flushing resident told WCBS, "I don't think he can relate to the working class people. We don't have that kind of money, especially now. It is very unfair to us."

Under the considered plan, households would pay more for throwing away more, theoretically encouraging New Yorkers to be less wasteful. Recycling would still be free. The city produces 11,000 tons of trash every day, and a fifth of residential property taxes go to taking care of the waste. But critics say that it would instead drive New Yorkers to throw their trash into city bins, or sneak it into their neighbors cans. Bloomberg said nothing is definite, but "I'm not going to rule out anything, there's no sacred cows."