2005_10_money.jpgIf what Mayor Bloomberg is feeding his campaign workers is any indication of his health, he better get himself to a doctor stat. Newsday's got the dish on what Bloomberg's been spending thousands of his campaign money on.

The campaign's grocery list includes more than $35,000 worth of sodas, instant soup, nuts, candies, pretzels and java from Coffee Distributing Corp. The company also used to deliver goodies for the workers at Bloomberg's financial information company.

Oof! Eating the food is made even easier for the Bloomberg staff with ordering through the Internet. In comparison, records show that Fernando Ferrer's campaign has only spent $1000 on food, including a $200 bill for Whole Foods. Apparently that's what happens when you're not a billionare and you're using matching funds. Bloomberg says that he's learned to stuff his employees as a businessman, "I've had a lot of first-hand experience in terms of knowing how to incentivize people to do a good job." Gothamist hopes that Bloomberg will pay for his campaign workers to lose the weight as well.

Does anyone else get treated this well at work, becuase Gothamist has never been given soup, nuts, or candies at work.