Mayor Bloomberg's fondness for Bermuda, where he has a fancy weekend home, is examined in the NY Times, which finds that waiters at a steakhouse "have memorized his order: coffee-rubbed New York strip steak," "cabdrivers...jockey for a chance to drive him around town," and "Bermudans say they feel especially connected to New York City; cable television carries local New York news stations, making Mr. Bloomberg as familiar a sight as 'Law & Order' reruns."

The former Bermudan premier (and "frequent Bloomberg lunch guest") John Swan said, "We provide him with a place to unwind for a day or two, and then go back to a very important job, not just to New York, but to the world." Bloomberg typically goes to Bermuda on Friday afternoons ("of the 17 Fridays since Dec. 31, the mayor had no public events scheduled after 10 a.m. on 13 of them") and comes back on Sunday nights, though he did stick around the city on weekends while he was campaigning for his third term. (His absence from Bermuda during the campaign concerned one restaurant manager enough that the manager called Bloomberg's housekeeper to make sure Hizzoner was okay.) For instance, when he missed the Greek Independence Day a few weekends ago or when City Hall staffer Erinn Phelan was struck by a car, Bermudans say he was there. His spokesman only said, "The mayor, like everyone else, is entitled to some privacy, which is why we generally don’t discuss how he spends his personal time."

There are other little details of Bloomberg's Bermuda life—like he loves to play golf though he's described as being "a little slow," he's an awesome tipper, and he blocks aviation websites from detailing the movements of his private planes. It's unclear if he wears Bermuda shorts while there, though we're going to guess yes.