According to the Times, Bellevue Hospital is now evacuating approximately 500 patients. The report comes a few days after two other hospitals—NYU Langone Medical Center and Coney Island Hospital—both had to evacuate when power went out across the city due to Hurricane Sandy. Bellevue has been running on backup generators since the storm hit Monday, but it seems things have gotten increasingly worse: "It's Katrina-esque in there," one nurse told ABC News.

Doctors told the Times that the lobby has been dark since Monday night, with other lights working intermittently; they also noted that the hospital smelled bad, possibly from fuel. The health department has authorized “surge capacity plans,” hospital officials said. Appeals for other hospitals to take Bellevue patients have been marked “URGENT” and “ASAP.”

At his press conference today, Bloomberg confirmed the report, saying the National Guard tried to carry fuel to the roof (generators require 30 gallons of diesel fuel per hour) only to find out that the damage to the hospital was more severe than first thought. He said the hospital was still working to find beds for all their patients. So far, "All hospital patients who were evacuated are safe and being cared for. There were no storm-related deaths at evacuated facilities."