2007_10_spitzerteeth.jpgIt's either an unfortunate choice of words or a pointed dig. When asked about a Siena College poll that showed Mayor Bloomberg would win a gubernatorial match-up against Governor Spitzer 50-37, Bloomberg gave his thoughts on the Steamroller's difficulties: "I think that Eliot Spitzer will turn out to be a very good governor of this state. He's had his teething problems as everybody does when they come into office."

We knew there was a reason for all the "wah wah goo goo" noises in Albany! Of course, it's been open season on Spitzer ever since Troopergate - and his announcement that he wants to give illegal immigrants drivers' licenses. His fundraising is down (luckily his dad is loaded), his state appointees still haven't been confirmed, and Lou Dobbs is crusading against the licenses-for-illegal immigrants plan.

Bloomberg also emphasized he is not interested in running for governor - or President.