Do you know the city has a sheriff? Mayor Bloomberg doesn't think you do, which is why he is extra excited to announce his appointment of new Sheriff Edgar Domenech. Bloomberg said, "Most people don't realize that New York City has a sheriff. He does not ride around on a horse, carry a six-shooter and look for cattle rustlers, but as the city’s chief civil law enforcement officer, he really is vitally important to the safety and well-being of New York." Well, if you wanted more people to be aware of the sheriff, you should probably give him a horse and a six-shooter.

In case you don't know, the city's sheriff is responsible for things like collecting money or property due from a court judgment, assisting with evictions involving a court order and making different types of civil arrests at the order of the court. Domenech said at a press conference, "The Sheriff’s Office is often the unseen hand in the administration of justice in New York City and I look forward to working with the incredible team in place at the Sheriff’s Office to carry out that mission." And from his record, Domenech seems willing to uphold the law at any cost.

Domenech served as the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives until 2007, when he was demoted for raising questions about some allegedly questionable financial management. He said his whistleblowing "reinforced the importance that I believe management has to have in protecting the taxpayers." Domenech will be replacing Sheriff Lindsay Eason, who announced his retirement in October. Now you know!