Mayor Bloomberg's peeved reaction to an errant tape recorder—which was playing while the mayor was about to make remarks about gay marriage legislation—and its owner, disabled reporter Michael Harris (who wasn't able to immediately reach the device because he's confined to a wheelchair) drew a bit of press. The NY Times called it "awkward" (adding that the mayor was "sighing and glowering" at Harris), the Daily News said the mayor "cranky" and the Post characterized Bloomberg's reaction as a "meltdown."

Harris was surprised at Bloomberg's behavior, telling PolitickerNY, "I think the mayor took something very minor and made it into something major and was a very cheap shot at me. I do think an apology would be in order here." However, mayoral spokesman Jason Post explained to the Times "that the Bloomberg administration frequently went out of its way to accommodate Mr. Harris at press events, providing him with transportation in a special van and ensuring wheelchair access is available" and added that Bloomberg treated Harris the way he would any reporter, "People should be treated the same. This is no different.” True—Bloomberg got totally pissy with John Gambling (his cellphone was ringing) during their radio show.

Cut to today: The Post reports that Bloomberg apologized to Harris. Maybe Bloomberg remembered that 2006 AP article about Harris's subway commute and how few subway stations are accessible to the disabled.