Mayor Bloomberg sounded off on some issues that came up yesterday. He was upset that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department have reversed a policy where NYC collected taxes from foreign governments' diplomatic buildings. About $260 million in unpaid back taxes plus future revenue will be lost, leading the mayor to say, "Since 1873 they've been saying this is taxable... It's just patently unfair to New Yorkers and Americans and it contravenes established policy for 130-odd years and it just doesn't make sense." He also worried that foreign governments would buy properties, since they'd be tax-free, and rent them out. Even Senator Schumer thinks the policy sucks! As for news that the NYPD signed a $1 million contract for typewriters—used for police reports (and which are so cumbersome they may prohibit some cops from filing reports)—Bloomberg said, "Why are they using any is the question you should ask, and where do you find them? That was the thing that I thought about. I didn't think anybody made them anymore."