Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he teamed up with Spider-Man, er, Marvel Comics, to produce a free comic telling unemployed New Yorkers about the city's resources to help them find jobs. Hopefully City Hall has some extra copies, because Bloomberg unveiled about $1 billion in job cuts—thousands of positions are being eliminated—and other cost savings measures.

According to the Daily Politics, here are how the cuts shake out: "In short, City Hall says, reducing the city’s budget deficit for next year means getting rid of 2,102 employees in the current fiscal year, 2011, and 8,264 in Fiscal Year 2012. That includes 889 layoffs in Fiscal Year 2011 and 5,312 layoffs in Fiscal Year 2012."

Bloomberg said, "We’ve kept the City’s financial house in order through these difficult times by planning ahead and never shying away from making the hard decisions, and our current budget remains balanced because of that sound approach. But we face a significant challenge for next year, as Federal stimulus dollars run dry and the city still suffers from the impacts of the national economic downturn. We began working to attack next year’s deficit immediately after passing this year’s balanced budget, and there is still more work to do. More spending reductions are going to be necessary, and we have to continue to reduce the number of employees we have by not filling positions - we simply cannot afford the size of our current workforce.”