Murders have increased 13.2 percent overall this year from this time in 2009, continuing a trend that's been going on all year; one reason for this change may be the decrease in the police force, which is projected to drop below 33,000 through attrition by July 2011, its lowest level since 1990, when it had 32,441 officers (it peaked in October 2000 with over 40,000 officers). But although more cops would obviously help, NYC won't be getting any help in funding from Washington.

The Obama administration denied the city any piece of the $298 million in federal grants the Justice Dept. gives out every year. According to the News, the money is given out based on a formula that weighs crime rates, community policing plans and "fiscal health factors;" basically, we're doing alright with what we have, they say. Both Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Charles Schumer aren't happy though. Bloomberg railed that the NYPD hasn't gotten a slice of that money since 2005 on his weekly radio show this morning. And Schumer said, "This formula makes absolutely no sense and punishing New York City and other municipalities for their success in keeping crime down and people safe sends the wrong message to law enforcement agencies."