Dunh dunh DUNH: Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki are doing their Ground Zero development dance, with Bloomberg naming four people onto the LMDC board, including Dan "NYC 2012/West Side Stadium" Doctoroff, and then Pataki named two new people of his own: His economic adviser Charles Gargano and former FBI-bigwig James Kallstrom. The Post says the Gargano and Doctoroff have clashed before, so we can only look forward to some well-planted leaks about the other guy messing something up. Other Mayoral appointees are another deputy mayor, Marc Shaw, Assocation for a Better New Yorker chairman William C. Rudin and Verizon vice chairman and president Lawrence Babbio (the Times helpfully reminds us that the Verizon headquarters will overlook Ground Zero). As Mayor Bloomberg rolls up his sleeves to turn the World Trade Center redesign like a failing corporation, he laid out a slam to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation: "I never was sure the LMDC should have been created to begin with, because it seemed to me the state and the city could have worked well without it. But it was created, and most of the monies that they had have been allocated. So I think it's just another vehicle." God, it is so easy to imagine the Mayor saying that in his somewhat whiny monotone.