While the Mayor and City Council Speaker Gifford Miller may seem similar - they are white...they live on the Upper East Side...uh... - they actually aren't, and the NY Times examined their extremely political spitting match. Gothamist liked how Mayor Bloomberg views Miller as unaccomplished and unambitious, because next to him, who can be (this does not bode well for prospective suitors for Emma and Georgina), but there was another quote that got us thinking:

City Councilman Eric Gioia, a close associate of Mr. Miller, says the friction stems in part from the vast age gap between the two. "I think the mayor looks at Gifford and says, 'Why don't you just listen to me?'" he said. "And Gifford looks at the mayor and says, 'Why can't you see things from a different perspective?'"

Hello, this is total sitcom material. Think an even sharper Spin City with generational clashes.

There was another front-of-section Bloomberg story in the Times this weekend: The fate of Bloomberg LP in the Business section...we can't figure out if it's good or bad to work there, but the building is cool. And in other mayoral maybe news, Councilman Charles Barron attacked Ferrer over Ferrer's backtracking on the Amadou Diallo case.