Pictured are the items on the line Sunday between Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Schmitt. On the top (from left to right) Carnegie Deli cheesecake, Peter Luger Steakhouse, Brooklyn Lager, Peter Luger Steaksauce; On the bottom United States Specialty Cheese spreads, Smithfield Beef, Beerntsen’s Candies, Cheese Shades

Ah, there's nothing like the having a local team in a championship game. That's when the mayor breaks out the big guns and bets items of food against the mayor of an opposing team's city. Mayor Bloomberg announced a friendly wager today with Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt, as the Giants and the Packers face off Sunday in the NFC Championship game.

Some more specifics on the bet, via City Room:

Bloomberg/New York wagers: One 10 lbs NY-style cheesecake from the Carnegie Deli, a case of Brooklyn Lager from Brooklyn Brewery, 20 lbs of porterhouse steak from Peter Luger plus 6 bottles of their steak sauce.

Schmitt/Green Bay wagers: 17 cheese spreads (10 lbs) from United States Specialty Cheese, 20 16oz aged natural strip steaks from Smithfield Beef, 3 lbs of chocolate from Beerntsen’s Candies, and a pair of cheese-wedge sunglasses from Cheese Shades

WTF? The least they could do is tack a cheesehead onto the bet. It's clear to us which side has more on the line in this wager (hint: it's not Green Bay).

We're curious whether the bet between Bloomberg and Schmitt are using the point spread in their bet or if they're just sticking with the cheese spreads. The odds makers have the Packers as a 7 point favorite in Sunday's game.

Even senators from the two states are making a bet. Chuck Schumer has wagered a cheesecake from Junior's against cheese from Herb Kohl. Somebody needs to tell these politicians to stop using Junor's cheesecake as a gift! It's damaging the city's cheesecake rep!

With all these calories on the line, there should be a side bet. St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay and St. Vincent's Hospital in New York should throw in a free quadruple bypass for someone in the winning city. After all, anyone eating all that food is going to need one.

You can watch the Giants visit Lambeau Field to play the Packers Sunday at 6:30 on Fox.