Mayor Bloomberg and former mayor Rudy Giuliani are becoming buddies on the campaign trail, but they're rivals when it comes to baseball. The Mayor and his predecessor are squabbling over coveted seats in the box beside the Yankees dugout at the American League Championship Series, according to Page Six, which reports that the competition for "front-row supremacy" on Friday will be almost "almost as exciting as the contest on the field." We're not so sure about that, but it's certainly interesting in light of the fact that Bloomberg declared that Giuliani would make a good governor at this week's mayoral debate.

Following suit, Giuliani is expected to campaign with the Mayor for the first time on Sunday at an event at the Jewish Community Council of Borough Park. CityRoom sees the alliance as a possible boon — and burden — for the Mayoral and likely-gubernatorial candidates. The paper argues that Giuliani's support could help Bloomberg gain traction from Republican voters, while a Mayoral endorsement "could blunt lingering anti-Giuliani-ism." That is of course if Giuliani's "steady rightward drift" doesn't alienate Bloomberg's liberal supporters in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Bloomberg's anti-gun and pro-gay marriage stances don't infuriate Giuliani's upstate backers.