2006_10_dcistbfenty.jpgIf you're the Republican mayor of New York City, who do you have breakfast with? Why, the Democratic candidate for Mayor of DC, of course! DC City Council member Adrian Fenty met up with Hizzoner this morning to discuss the Mayor's overhaul of the NYC public school system. Apparently Fenty may be interested in taking over the DC school system when he's elected (Fenty's the presumptive mayor), although Bloomberg's education record is decidedly mixed. Note to Fenty: In order to follow the Mayor's plans, be sure to end social promotion, hire McKinsey consultants to run things, and live and die by tests.

After Fenty made some remarks to the press this morning, Bloomberg said, "I don't want to fuel speculation, but I'd be thrilled to be a constituent of the mayor's." Then he said he was joking - HILARIOUS. And tonight, Mayor B hosts a fundraiser for Ahnold Schwarzenegger, whose reelection bid was just endorsed by the LA Times (yes, hell might have frozen over).

And last week, Mayor Bloomberg admitted that evacuated NYC during an emergency would be slow. "The subways and the tunnels and the bridges could not accommodate evacuating millions of people in a short amount of time — just think about Friday night at rush hour. That's just a fact of the geography and the number of people." We're so buying a portable raft and jumping into the river with it!

Photoshopped image of Mayor Bloomberg and DC Councilman Fenty from DCist Jeff