2005_10_bubbabloomby.jpgOuchy. As more polls continue to suggest that Mayor Bloomberg is enjoying a very comfortable lead over Fernando Ferrer in the mayoral race, and just as Ferrer is releasing a negative ad pointing out the places the Mayor went to promote to failed NYC 2012 Olympics bid, Bloomberg's team happily distributes a photograph of Bloomberg and former President Bill Clinton at a speaking event at the Waldorf Astoria. Hilariously, when Clinton aides tried to push reporters away from the two men, probably realizing that Clinton is stumping for Ferrer, Bloomberg's press secretary Ed Skyler (who, the NY Times notes, has clashed with the press, probably over the mysterious billiionaire mayor's weekend trips among other weird things Bloomberg does) yelled, "Don't push my press corps around." Whoa whoa, suddenly the press is a good thing! We just wonder if Bloomberg will be making a sizable donation to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund as a thank you.