Bloomberg and Pataki; Photo - The recent move by Governor Pataki to block the city's, and Mayor Bloombergs's, attempt at refinancing the city's $2.5 billion debt - which was approved by the state legislature - is the latest in the the ongoing fractious that is the New City Mayor-New York Governor relationship. The Times describes it as "not unlike a bad marriage in which one partner keeps up appearances even when the whole world is predicting divorce behind their backs."

With the media gleefully reporting their respective low ratings or how one is more popular than the other, it's just a continuation of historically crappy city ties with the governor. So far, Bloomberg has been very diplomatic, if bizarre in his verbage. But he hasnt cold ganked Pataki the way Giuliani did, endorsing Mario Cuomo for governor and not his fellow Republican.

Gothamist tried to dive a little deeper into the bad relationship analogy. We do think that Bloomberg is a Renaissance Man, but we haven't found "WASPy milquetoast" anywhere, so we'll just call Pataki a Married Man until we find something better.